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Always mind it…

Was discussed with a friend about how we treated our parents and elderly whole long night few days ago.

As a human being, we do practice “filial piety” all along with the end of our life. However, does it really had a standard to justify how “well” with your practice?

The way of treating the others will be different for each and every individual. None of us are the same.

Does piles of hard work enough meant to you treating yours own parent or elderly as filial? OR does bringing full of cash or wealth to your family in order to stay away from poverty is an act of filial? OR as long as all the family members are together as unite consider showing the sign of filial?

This is actually quite controversy and personal issue. Still, I do see that our objective are mainly the same, which is “Make them happy“. Since everyone perceive filial differently, they way of act also different. We can’t judge the other because they have conflict with their parents mean they are not filial. Same goes to people who over-caring about their family wasn’t mean they are superb.

The only thing that we should do everyday is, tell them you love them. Afraid of telling? Then act. A little step make a huge impact for future. Make yourself and them feel the same way you want for them.

We all knew that one day our parent or elderly will be leaving us and heading to place where god lives. Before is hard to say goodbye, we start to feel regretful of many things that we have not done for them. Each and every time, we looking at their photo. Their scent, action, every single words and more keep reminiscence that they still alive. Streams of tears unconsciously flow from our eyes.

Well, enough of saying, do or not, is still your choice.


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