What’s social media to you?

– Is a virtual platform that allows an individual to post / comment / share their own thought whenever and wherever around the world, with the most important thing in order to access is  “internet data” or “WiFi”.

What am I doing now also consider using social media to share my thought for you guys.

Recently, there’s a news spread through not only on social media, also local print media. Which is “a lady seeking for justice, proclaimed that she was deceived from a young teenager.”

Briefly the incident is about the lady buying a cake to her son, but was given a wrong flavor from the teenager a couple of times. She turned out more frustrated was the reaction from teenager was no apology.

Therefore, the lady start to use her social media account and sneakily capture the teenager photo to share her thoughts about this incident.

Soon enough, a lots of agreed / disagreed comments was given from internet users around the world.

It’s been a trend that most people share and express their own feeling, with the use of social media to make complaints, whatever incident that makes the user annoy.

However, some of them just show how shameful they are instead of justice – which their initial thought.

An action can change a lot of things. Why not keep yourself calm and chill, just to have enough of time to let you clear your mind. Don’t let anger take control over your mind. Because…is just “a piece of cake” matter.


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