One word, to trust or not to trust。。。

Was browsing through today’s newspaper. Sawing this news as one of our government deputy proposed that “How to save cost on daily basis for those officers who work under government.”

You might think that : “ah ha, now that’s a good saying. Finally the government  noticed how we people are suffering due to the financial crisis in this country!”

Unfortunately, this is not gonna happen.

What makes me most frustrated is not that our government are not looking we people as citizen – “voters”, that respect and listen our concern, but a statement that speak out from a high position of deputy.

“To save cost, I would suggest that officers should pack their lunch or cook inside the office during lunch break instead of dining out.” Said by the deputy.

COME ON! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Cook inside the office? Do you even think before you speak? Such hilarious idea just couldn’t imagine it.

Do nowadays people tend to talk big without thinking the consequences? Do they even think about being responsible?

Being a responsible person is not only for the sake of your own, but others too. Is not about because your are a government deputy; a well-known artist; a high educated person; or even a parent or student. Is about YOU, yourself. It doesn’t required you as a reputable person to become a responsible individual.

For some reason, I do admit myself really hate irresponsible person. They tend to speak differently, act differently. Is like giving a false hope to someone, and when they find out is not gonna happen, you just shrug your shoulder with a smile and say “I’m just kidding.”

People always said that I’m a reticent person. Always talk less, uncommunicative. I do agree myself as introvert person as I always feeling uneasy with new people. But more or less, one of the reason is I just don’t simply promise others. Because I know that once I promise, I must be responsible for what I had said.

As the first sentence that I write, “one word, to trust or not to trust.” Sometimes people won’t be generous to give you a second chance to show who you are as a person. Once they lose their faith in you, you are screw no matter how much you try.


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