Chasing 。Waiting

Grab it or loose it…

Seem like too many choice appear in front of us…problem is…which one did you choose?

Been heard a lots of this and that from others. One or two sure enough to make me change my mind constantly. I’m not that kind of person think and stay strong independently. Just because I’m trying to stay 100% “PERFECT” in front others… ( kinda out of control these years)

I’m may stay at as usual that kind of “everybody’s person”, but inside of me is resisting…

“Opportunities doesn’t come often…”

Is good that you got choices, as you still can compare which one is better. I rather got no choices to pick, and follow the only way that will lead me to the future that I hoping.


Follow。Filial Piety


Always mind it…

Was discussed with a friend about how we treated our parents and elderly whole long night few days ago.

As a human being, we do practice “filial piety” all along with the end of our life. However, does it really had a standard to justify how “well” with your practice?

The way of treating the others will be different for each and every individual. None of us are the same.

Does piles of hard work enough meant to you treating yours own parent or elderly as filial? OR does bringing full of cash or wealth to your family in order to stay away from poverty is an act of filial? OR as long as all the family members are together as unite consider showing the sign of filial?

This is actually quite controversy and personal issue. Still, I do see that our objective are mainly the same, which is “Make them happy“. Since everyone perceive filial differently, they way of act also different. We can’t judge the other because they have conflict with their parents mean they are not filial. Same goes to people who over-caring about their family wasn’t mean they are superb.

The only thing that we should do everyday is, tell them you love them. Afraid of telling? Then act. A little step make a huge impact for future. Make yourself and them feel the same way you want for them.

We all knew that one day our parent or elderly will be leaving us and heading to place where god lives. Before is hard to say goodbye, we start to feel regretful of many things that we have not done for them. Each and every time, we looking at their photo. Their scent, action, every single words and more keep reminiscence that they still alive. Streams of tears unconsciously flow from our eyes.

Well, enough of saying, do or not, is still your choice.



夜深,人静; 街灯,照影。
卧床,亲戚; 生命,战士。


印象中,”她” 是伟大的。无私,爱戴着我们。













面对现状,你懊恼, 后悔, 失望。。。如有机会,你想重来吗?


我也一样。。。但说,能重来? 我不稀罕!

人说: “诱惑”是致命伤,不管是对于情,还是对于物。受到诱惑而迷失了本性,忘记了对你真正重要的,还有你最需要的。贪图那一次,还想要更多; 有了下一次,又要更多。得寸进尺,周而复始。。。到了尽头,才暮然回首,失去的,才是最多。被这样的人或事而抛弃你,你还会稀罕受到对方的瞩目吗?

人说: 要活得有意义,才不会有遗憾。那是假的。。。至今老年人还是回想当年,遗憾的苦水一一吐出。穷家富家的出生,各有各烦恼,但同时又默默的羡慕对方。你有的温暖,他有的万物。。。


” – 开始了我的部落格生活。有了目标,才让我想到我该放手了。事情圆满,清清楚楚知道了,结论是把自己看得太重。既然人人平等,何不找找消遣,提升自己? 要别人认同?要别人欣赏?拿出志气,拿出智才吧!




What’s social media to you?

– Is a virtual platform that allows an individual to post / comment / share their own thought whenever and wherever around the world, with the most important thing in order to access is  “internet data” or “WiFi”.

What am I doing now also consider using social media to share my thought for you guys.

Recently, there’s a news spread through not only on social media, also local print media. Which is “a lady seeking for justice, proclaimed that she was deceived from a young teenager.”

Briefly the incident is about the lady buying a cake to her son, but was given a wrong flavor from the teenager a couple of times. She turned out more frustrated was the reaction from teenager was no apology.

Therefore, the lady start to use her social media account and sneakily capture the teenager photo to share her thoughts about this incident.

Soon enough, a lots of agreed / disagreed comments was given from internet users around the world.

It’s been a trend that most people share and express their own feeling, with the use of social media to make complaints, whatever incident that makes the user annoy.

However, some of them just show how shameful they are instead of justice – which their initial thought.

An action can change a lot of things. Why not keep yourself calm and chill, just to have enough of time to let you clear your mind. Don’t let anger take control over your mind. Because…is just “a piece of cake” matter.


One word, to trust or not to trust。。。

Was browsing through today’s newspaper. Sawing this news as one of our government deputy proposed that “How to save cost on daily basis for those officers who work under government.”

You might think that : “ah ha, now that’s a good saying. Finally the government  noticed how we people are suffering due to the financial crisis in this country!”

Unfortunately, this is not gonna happen.

What makes me most frustrated is not that our government are not looking we people as citizen – “voters”, that respect and listen our concern, but a statement that speak out from a high position of deputy.

“To save cost, I would suggest that officers should pack their lunch or cook inside the office during lunch break instead of dining out.” Said by the deputy.

COME ON! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Cook inside the office? Do you even think before you speak? Such hilarious idea just couldn’t imagine it.

Do nowadays people tend to talk big without thinking the consequences? Do they even think about being responsible?

Being a responsible person is not only for the sake of your own, but others too. Is not about because your are a government deputy; a well-known artist; a high educated person; or even a parent or student. Is about YOU, yourself. It doesn’t required you as a reputable person to become a responsible individual.

For some reason, I do admit myself really hate irresponsible person. They tend to speak differently, act differently. Is like giving a false hope to someone, and when they find out is not gonna happen, you just shrug your shoulder with a smile and say “I’m just kidding.”

People always said that I’m a reticent person. Always talk less, uncommunicative. I do agree myself as introvert person as I always feeling uneasy with new people. But more or less, one of the reason is I just don’t simply promise others. Because I know that once I promise, I must be responsible for what I had said.

As the first sentence that I write, “one word, to trust or not to trust.” Sometimes people won’t be generous to give you a second chance to show who you are as a person. Once they lose their faith in you, you are screw no matter how much you try.




人说新的一年当然要展望未来,旧时不再重提了。过去一切不美好的事情啊,就忘记吧!新一年; 新愿望; 新自己; 新方向。

说的,可是简单; 做的,能有多少?




与此同时,”忍耐” 与 “胆量” 也其实无时无刻都在 “挑战” 你。

忍受的了,好的就是你的了; 忍受不了,天涯何处无芳草呢。

胆量大了,失败算得了什么; 胆量小了, 有谁能够指指点点呢。

唯有对得起自己,人生才能无憾。而 “经验” 这两字,也才能够推动你要达到的人生目标。